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About us

BikeCap’s products allow you to fully style your bike according to your liking. BikeCap has the snazziest designs for both young and old. Combine a trendy mix of bikecaps (seat covers, in general), boxcaps (bike crate covers), handlebar sleeves, and pillows to make your bicycle unique. BikeCap conquers the world under the motto “Fashionable biking”.


In 2007 BikeCap introduced its first trendy bike seat cover in the Netherlands. By now, the typical designs with the orange-labeled designs can be found worldwide. Over 900 resellers sell BikeCap products worldwide – from the Dutch Bijenkorf to various stores in Europe, Japan, and the United States.


With its large collection trendily designed bikecaps, boxcaps, pillows, and handlebar sleeves BikeCap enables cyclists to cycle in their own unique way. The BikeCap factory in Poland, called Polka Productions, can respond quickly to the latest trends in fashion, by creating dozens of new products and trendy designs for bicycles. Because BikeCap understands its responsibilities, both to her employees as well as to the environment, it runs all production processes at the Polka productions factory according to strict guidelines.

Promotional Materials

BikeCap also produces trend-setting promotional material for widely known brands, both national and international. Find out more about BikeCap products and the possibilities for you and your organization. Call +31 182 51 54 57 or send a mail to